Electric Motors

Apart from the traditional applications like stationary operation as energy source on the power supply, battery-powered electric motors more and more replace combustion engines as locally emission-free energy source, or support bicyclists in pedalling. Electric motors are also used in many small, discrete auxiliaries of daily comfort such as ventilators, computer coolers, fridge compressors or window lifters in vehicles. According to the application position and user expectation, such electric motors can operate very silently and are equipped with bearings of the required vibration, noise and/or precision class. The selected class is technically ensured usually by a 100% check at the end of production line.

A special type of electric motor bearings are electric current insulating bearings. According to application requirements, ceramic rolling elements (balls or rollers) are used („hybrid bearing“) or ceramic coatings of the outer or inner ring. FLT would be happy to send you the respective technical presentation; please contact us on this topic.

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