ISO Bearings

FLT supplies almost all standard bearings, especially

Deep Groove Ball Bearings
DIN 625
Angular Contact Ball Bearing
DIN 628
Self Aligning Ball Bearings
DIN 630
Four Point Bearings
DIN 628
Tapered Roller Bearings
DIN 720
ISO 355
Cylindrical Roller Bearings
DIN 5412
ISO 246
Toroidal Roller Bearings
Spherical Roller Bearings
DIN 635
ISO 15
Needle Bearings
DIN 617
ISO 1206
Axial Ball, Axial Roller and Axial Needle Bearings
DIN 711, 715, 722

Available sizes reach from miniature bearings with few millimeters bore diameter to giant bearings of several meters outer diameter. As one can easily see, the total number of all potential size and feature combinations is extremely high. Therefore, FLT will be happy to receive your RfQ and to advise you on your bearing task, instead of listing all theroretically possible bearing types here.

Many of these bearing types are available in single or double row design, according to the application, matched in pairs or groups in face-to-face or back-to-back arrangement. Furthermore, a large number of features can be added:

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Support Ticket