The area of Intralogistics deals with the transportation, sorting and packaging of components and finished goods inside of a company. Sub-segments are amongst others food and beverage processing, port and loading technology, packaging and storage. Every sub-segment has ist specific challenges, such as: food cleanliness through FDA approved lubricants, specially required colours for bearing housings, sea water or acid-proof solutions with corrosion-inhibiting materials like stainless steel or ceramic, high-load applications, special dimensins for conveyor rollers and/or soft coatings of plastics e.g. PUR, PEEK or PA.
Many intralogistics bearings have special dimensions coatings or rare materials. Background is namely the specific application, which has high expectations about the carefull treatment of moved goods. Also mast guide bearings and chain rollers for fork lift trucks, designed according to customer requirement, are part of this segment.
FLT can supply almost all types of rolling bearings to this diversified market segment.

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