Special Types

FLT develops and supplies many kinds of special bearings, where „special“ can refer to dimensions, coatings, materials, greases and other features.

  • Special greases enable bearing operation at very elevated temperatures or high external loads.
  • In many applications, separate technical components can be reduced, if the bearing for example or only one ring has a protrusion at the side face, so that a washer or spacer can be eliminated.
  • A machined step in the outer ring gives the possibility to use a larger bearing without reducing the houisng wall section thickness.
  • Zinc and zinc-nickel coatings are cost optimized corrosion protections for bearings. Similar result is achieved by the materials stainless steel and ceramics.
  • Thicker outer rings avoid fretting corrosion, which can be a result of creeping of a bearing in a housing with loose fits.

With these and other innovative solutions, FLT helps your application to achieve an optimum performance.